CE112 - Procedual and OOP

Java - Spring Term

Assignment 3

jass1.zip [MD5] 87a89dbbf1310672108b9077d63b7bf8

Assignment 4

jass2.zip [MD5] f8f15f38a5644d8b59a827acb95e3451

C - Autumn Term

Assignment 1

A set of 9 simple exercises

assign1.c [MD5] b9f862c99cc39966e9c21f7fb4a21f5f
assignment1.zip [Show Files] ( assign1.c, assign1.exe, offcuts.c, Start.bat ) [MD5] 3e670831f4f152368ad3e275bd4840c2

Assignment 2

Part 1 - Students

Loads a list of students from a text file and allows them to be filtered by name, course, year etc.

ex1.c [MD5] 92ae95e022161ef7c183ada6f440552c
ex1.zip [MD5] 9f05a9405f15fcdde991520abefde0ba

Part 2 - Word Search

Program searches grid for the first letter of the word, then calls a recursive function that checks the rest of the letters.

Download link coming soon...