CE231 - Computer and Data Networks


Cisco commands


Instruction Description
enable Enter privilaged mode
disable Exit privilaged mode



Instruction Description
reload Restarts the router
configure terminal fgdfhhs
show startup-config / running-config Shows the running/startup configuration
erase startup-config Erase startup configuration from NVRAM
copy running-config startup-config Copy running-config to startup configuration (NVRAM)

configure terminal


Instruction Description
hostname Changes the hostname of the device
enable password Sets privilaged mode password
enable secret Sets encrypted privilaged mode password
router rip
banner motd # <Message> #
int / interface FastEthernet0/1 Configure interface
service password-encryption Enable password encryption

configure <interface>


Instruction Description
speed 10, 100 or auto
clock rate <Clock rate> 1200 - 4000000
no shutdown Enable interface
id address <IP address> <Subnet mask> Configure Ip address and subnet mask
mac-address <MAC address> Configure MAC address
tx-ring-limit <Ring Limit> Configure MAC address
exit Exit to <hostname>(config)#


  • 7 - Application
  • 6 - Presentation
  • 5 - Session
  • 4 - Transport
  • 3 - Network (Layer 3 switches can use this)
  • 2 - Data Link (Normal switches operate here)
  • 1 - Physical


-Do not change destination/source address


-Linux - Minicom